Terms & Conditions

  • Fees Detail
    • H.S 1 st Year (Science) : Rs.4490/- (Boys & Girls)
    • H.S 2 nd Year (Science) : Rs.4490/- (Boys & Girls)
    • B.Sc. 1 st Smester :
      • Rs.5920/- (Major)
      • Rs.5140/- (General)
    • B.Sc. 3rd Smester :
      • Rs.4920/- (Major)
      • Rs.4640/- (General)
    • B.Sc. 5th Smester :
      • Rs.4920/- (Major)
      • Rs.4640/- (General)
  • Fee is to be paid in Indian Rupees
  • Fee can be paid using any of the available modes of payment
    • Net Banking
    • Credit Card (Master& Visa)
    • Debit Card (Master, Visa & Rupay)
    • Wallet
    • UPI
    • Mobile Payments
  • Candidate may use their own bank account or parents’ accounts to make the payment.
  • All Fee rules as given in the fee notification shall remain applicable.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the Candidate to ensure that fee is deposited within stipulated time. The Principal, West Goalpara College, Goalpara (Assam) shall not be responsible for any delay in receipt of Form Fee Payment due to any reason. The Principal, West Goalpara College, Goalpara (Assam) also shall not be responsible, if the payment is refused or declined by the credit/debit card supplier for any reason.
  • The Fee deposited through any of the modes shall be considered to have been made, if the candidate after depositing the fee is able to obtain the Payment Acknowledgment Slip. Thus, all Candidates are strongly advised to print or save the acknowledgment slip and keep it in their safe custody for future reference, if required.
  • In no event The Principal, West Goalpara College, Goalpara (Assam) be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the use, inability to use the payment modes mentioned above.
  • The Principal, West Goalpara College, Goalpara (Assam) does not give warranty for the availability of online Payment System.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded. However, if there is any excess payment for any reason whatsoever, the Candidate may file his/her claim with the Finance and Accounts Division of Principal office with evidence.
  • In case a candidate deposited his/her fee multiple times through same or different modes, the refund of the additional amount to the candidate shall be at the sole discretion of The Principal, West Goalpara College, Goalpara (Assam).
  • All matters of dispute shall be dealt under the jurisdiction of Goalpara.

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